General Information

This is a HTML schedule rendering engine for college or universities small structures. it generates a week-based schedule from an input csv file holding a list of events. It also computes various information and statistics, and shows these in various useful ways, all on static HTML pages. These can be printed or hosted anywhere without any problems, as there is no back-end web engine required.

Targeted audience and motivation

This tools is targeted at people doing this kind of scheduling and having some kind of a "geeky" background.

If a large-scale scheduling tool is not available in your institution (or if you are not using it, for whatever reason), then lots of people build the weekly schedules using excel-spreasheets, just pasting large colored blocs on a sheet. Besides the fact that it is an awful way of using Excel, it just isn't efficient at all: counting the different courses volumes is tedious, you need to do this manually.

This tool is designed as an intermediate solution between spreadsheets and full scale integrated solutions. It is at present not designed as a web app, although it could be one day. Its user interface is "command-line" based, but this can be made transparent through the usage of a few well-designed scripts. Below is a diagram showing the typical workflow (see Workflow).


It makes limited usage of javascript, all the data is contained in classic html tables elements, and does not rely on any javascript library.

Main features:

(see the complete list on page Features)

For a quick view of what it can produce, see the real-life full example, and check the index to see the additional information provided. This tool does hardly any formatting on the output html files. CSS style sheets are used to produce nice looking tables, but the user has the ability to reformat as needed by providing his own stylesheets.

For more details, please read the pages below: